Feel free to go thru the Frequently Asked Question by Users. Alternatively, you may download the Product Guideline Login >> References >> Product Guideline for further details for specific Software. However, still if there is no answer you can Contact Us Via Web Support or Via Email [email protected] and send to us (question/inquiry) for our attention. Thank You

Frequently Asked Questions:

General Question

1a. We accidentally stumbled upon your website and Registered? What is the first thing to do?

Welcome to Tele-InfoTechs, you have just made the right decision to Visit & Register & Login to our Website. The first thing to do after registering&confirm the Registration Email is read About Products @ Login > References > Product Guideline and determine if the Product you are looking at is available? If YES, you may proceed to Test the Software using Test Version or Get [Free] Trial.

2a. Do you provide any Test Version or Free Trial prior for us to make any Purchase?

Yes, both Versions are available, we always encourage users to run using the Test Version or Free Trial before making any Purchases. Run and Test as much as you can until you fully understand and are satisfied with the software. Do Not place any order if you are not comfortable or understand how the software works.

3a. What is the Products Available in your Website? Can you recommend which Product Shall we Purchase?

🟢Telegram Copier (Signal) EA

🟢Tele-Copier Desktop App

🟢Smart Risk Management EA

🟢Trade Notify (Telegram) EA

🟢Advanced Trade Manager EA

🟢Alert Notify (Logs) EA

Most of our products have been integrated with Telegram Function and you will find this very Helpful when comes to handy monitoring where you can Monitor or even get Notification in your Smartphone. Which product shall we Purchase? It all depends on you what is sought and needed.

4a. How can we find out more details about your Products?

To find out more info, you may refer to our Product Guideline (Go To Left Side Menu >> References >> Product Guideline) to know briefly or details (Download the Guideline) about our Products.

5a. How many MT4 or MT5 account that we can Activate when we purchased the product?

Register ID refers to the total Number of MT4/MT5 accounts that can be activated/changed at anytime and anywhere. Don't get stuck with others licensing systems. Login to Check the Activation for every Product Listed.

To Change Activation (Register ID) >> Login >> Manage MyPurchase >> MyPurchase Area >> Download & Activation >> Activation (Register ID) >> Click Submit

6a. What is the Different between Free Trial and Test Version?

Free Trial The Free Trial Validity is starting from 7Days and subject to the basis of our Promotion (Can be run in Demo & Live Account) and All functionality are same as Rental or Lifetime Version with Validity Limit.

Test Version To be used for Testing Purposes Only (Can be run in Demo & Live Account). All functionality are same as Free Trial or Rental or Lifetime Version BUT with Time Limit. 

7a. Does the Software Test Version require Activation?

YES, Software Test Version Require Activation, the process is similar to Free Trial, Rental or Lifetime subscribers.

To Activate Test Version >> Login >> My Dashboard >> Run & Test Products >> Test Version >> Download & Activation  >> Activation (Register ID) >> Click Submit

8a. Can we use the same Downloaded Software (Test Version) if we decided to procced with Free Trial/Rental/Lifetime Version?

NO, you can't use Test Version Software's to Run on Free Trial or Rental or Lifetime Version.

If you previously using Test Version Software's, you have to make a new download under Free Trial or Rental or Lifetime Version (Either One - FreeTrial/Rental/Lifetime Version use the same software to Run) and Run Again.

9a. Does your product need to be run on a Virtual Private Server [VPS]?

Not Require But recommended, you can run our Software using your own PC/Laptop as long as you keep the Terminal Open and Connected. You are recommended to use a VPS since it will give you completely handfree to use Automated Product (Software). Using a VPS allows you to stay connected and less downtime compare if you use your own PC. A few VPS provider that might be useful for you to explore and try as below:






Our recommendation get the affordable VPS plan according to your need.

10a. Can we run the software on SmartPhone or Apple MacOS?

Unfortunately NO, our software Only Support Windows Version Operating System. For Windows Version, we encourage to check the compatibility of your Operating System prior to make any purchase.

How to Check the Windows Compatibility? 

1. Set Metatrader Terminal Setting

2. Pre-requisite for Windows

11a. Do you accept Refund Request in case the Software is not working?

Before proceeding with any Purchase, Run&Test the Software using Test Version to ensure you fully understand and are satisfied and check the Software is working as intended. 

If you are not satisfied or do not fully accept the way the Software works, we ask that you do not place an order with us. Read our Return Policy