Refund Policy

1. General Refund Policy

By purchasing a product either as a rental or lifetime license from Tele-Infotechs, you expressly agree to this refund policy. Before make any purchase, it is recommended that you fully know and understand How the Software Works by referring to User Manual, Video material or any other method. If you decide to proceed to purchase the Software, once payment is verified and/or approved by an administrator, you may download the software file via personal Dashboard (MyDashboard).

2. Refund Requirements

• If you have placed an order by mistake through any Payment method available, no refund will be given as no one forced this action. However, We may agree to exchange accidentally purchased software for another plans from our listing (For the same price or less). In such cases, the latter becomes non-refundable. Email or Chat with us for further assistant.

• Due to incompatibilities with any Operating System or Machine or VPS or workstation or PC or Laptop for current and future use after you have placed an order, No refund will be issueEmail or Chat with us for Operating System confirmation prior to make any purchase.

• We offer Rental Versions of our Software, so you can test and check if they suit your needs. If you have problems with our Software, we will be happy to provide a refund within 7 days since the software purchased. After 7 days, no refunds will be given (Applicable for Rental Purchase Only). Refunds are granted if the product doesn’t work as described on our User Manual. Lifetime Purchase are strictly non-refundable.

• If you have discovered any difficulties to use the software or any problem arise or require any additional custom software or bad code quality after purchase being made which has substantially diminished your enjoyment using the purchased software, No refund will be issue .

• In case refund is requested, we may charge for the time spent to resolve the request. However, this is depending how we (Tele-Infotechs) evaluate the situation. 

3. Software Incompatibility

Please note that Tele-Infotechs do not bear any responsibility and therefore Tele-Infotechs do not satisfy any refund requests based on incompatibility of our software with any third-party software or Operating Systems. Tele-Infotechs don’t guarantee that our software are fully compatible with any third-party programs unless stated otherwise. 

Tele-Infotechs have no contractual obligations to issue updates or to continue developing any of the provided software. Software development and support can be stopped at any giving time. This cannot constitute the grounds for a refund request. You will be entitled to use the software as it was in the moment of your purchase, or the latest version that you had access to.

4. Acceptance of Policy

It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with this Refund Policy. By placing an order for any of our softwares/plans, it indicates that you have read this Refund Policy and you fully agree and accept the terms of this Refund Policy. If you do not agree with or fully accept the terms of this Refund Policy, we ask that you do not place an order with us.